Never give up! Never give in! AND Never quit!

Not so long ago, i was in ponder what else would i like to create.  What else am i good at.  What else is fun for me.  What else can i be today that will add to my life. Questions , questions and more questions.

you know there are times,  when we get to a roadblock and find ourselves in wonder is this all life is about? I have been there many times.  Only that this time around its different when i ask this question. What else? What next? who and what can i add to my life to create and generate the life i’d truly like to have as my reality.

And interesting people show up.  And then ofcourse i have to choose.  Many of us call this decide.  And the energy of the work decide is so limiting. As in, once i decide i can’t make another choice.  The energy of the word choose, gives me choice to choose something different if what i chose didn’t work or show up the way i would have liked it to.

So what if every choice you make was not a wrongness or a rightness and that you got awareness from every choice. and you always had the freedom to choose something different.

So how does, never give up, never give in, never quit fit and truly works.  When you recognise and acknowledge you always have choice in every area of your life you get to truly be never give up, never give in and never quit!

So what are you choosing limitations or possibility? Are you willing to let go of everything and everyone you made significant thus far.  What if your willingness to let go would actually create more and you didn’t lose anything.

What are you choosing?


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16 years in Corporate Advertising, worked with several multinational brands and Agencies. Owner of Papprikka Produkshns FZE., also a Facilitator with Access Consciousness and DMIT. I enjoy being a catalyst of change for more ease, peace and possibility.

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