Creating separation to build a false sense of bonding

I have been looking at this lately more closely in all areas where i am and others are doing this.  And wow wow wow!!! We are entrained to align and agree or resist and react to create some kind of bonding that always results in temporary friendships.

Pay attention to the conversations you have with anyone.  How much of aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting does one have to do to maintain a conversation to last longer, to maintain a relationship or to get closer to someone.

Little do we realise that we are actually creating separation everytime we do this, and most often than not, we are creating separation with ourselves by taking a fixed point of view and then not being able to change it cause we had that point of view… then we support it with a whole lot of reasons and justification to keep that point of view in place not allowing for any change to occur.

Madness right?  Am in wonder and am asking these questions of me and the universe… To be in good books with me, you don’t have to make someone i am not close to wrong. in so doing you are not only creating a separation with me and the other, also a separation between me and you.  For, if you can do that with the other person towards me then your pretty capable of doing that about me with the other person.

We can all like different people for different aspects and different points in our lives.  If we don’t conclude this is what it is and i am going to hold on to this point of view for dear life then what else would be possible.

Am using this tool from Access Consciousness a lot lately, interesting choice this person is making the choice to bad mouthing this other person to me, whilst i know they are good friends with this person they are talking about and are doing so for me to align and agree or resist and react so they then get to use this as a weapon against me creating separation not realising its doing pretty much the same with me and them.

What’s the value of choosing separation and exclusion versus oneness and inclusion.  In wonder?




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