Has someone made you wrong for your generosity of spirit!

Lately, i learnt something that has been yet another game changer.  I acknowledged that i have been functioning in life from the ‘Generosity of spirit’ and have also been made wrong by self or others for being that. somewhere it was mis-identified as being weak, stupid, gullible, a push over and a few other name callings.

As i loaned a sizeable amount to an acquaintance from the space of trust and generosity as this person was in dire need for that money.  It didn’t cross my mind that i was loaning her the amount from the amount i loaned from the bank for which i was paying interest.  For me it was sitting in my bank till the next payment and you seem to need this desperately so here it is.  Was i functioning from anti-consciousness yes!!! Did my generosity of spirt super-cede my desire to make choices from a conscious space yes!

Assuming that the other person was functioning from the space i was functioning from was a cute and not so bright choice which got me an awareness at a price.  Whilst am extremely grateful for this awareness, it has made me much stronger and my willingness to acknowledge that i made that choice to get to where i am today and that i can outcreate the situation is freeing.

Today i get, we are all indeed unique, no one can be like you or you like another.  Don’t expect others to function the way you do, cause you only set yourself up for disappointment.  You doubt yourself for who you be!!! You make you wrong for who you be!!! If only i had asked the question before making that choice. If i choose to loan her the money will this decay my future or create my future a different reality would have showed up.  Am choosing to not make me wrong and not buying into other people’s judgments of this choice and go to conclusion.

Instead, i am choosing to be in the Question, what would it take for all of this to change for greater.  Consciousness show me what other choices to i have available now that i haven’t considered yet.

Expectations set you up for failure… What are you choosing today?


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16 years in Corporate Advertising, worked with several multinational brands and Agencies. Owner of Papprikka Produkshns FZE., also a Facilitator with Access Consciousness and DMIT. I enjoy being a catalyst of change for more ease, peace and possibility.

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