If you love someone set them free

Also featured as a chapter in my book to be published soon ‘I love you and so!!!’ my point of view to start with is ‘if you love you set yourself free.  How often are we caught up in appeasing others and yet we never get to make anyone happy. One has to choose to be happy.  One has to choose joy over trauma and drama.  We can only add to others joy we can’t force joy upon anyone.  And truly, we can’t be the reason for someone to be joyful.  If we think that or project that we are setting ourselves and others up for disappointment.

Here is an invitation to start loving you, caring for you and your body, nurturing you and your body.  For if your willing to be that for you amazing people who would like to add to that will show up in your life.

From the moment i started honoring me, having gratitude for me, being in allowance of my choices of the past, trusting me and being vulnerable.  I opened more doors for the possibility of gifting and receiving with no expectations.

Whoever or whatever your holding on to right now, if you were willing to let it all go.. what would that be like for you.  More ease, less fear and more joy???



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16 years in Corporate Advertising, worked with several multinational brands and Agencies. Owner of Papprikka Produkshns FZE., also a Facilitator with Access Consciousness and DMIT. I enjoy being a catalyst of change for more ease, peace and possibility.

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