Never give up! Never give in! AND Never quit!

Not so long ago, i was in ponder what else would i like to create.  What else am i good at.  What else is fun for me.  What else can i be today that will add to my life. Questions , questions and more questions.

you know there are times,  when we get to a roadblock and find ourselves in wonder is this all life is about? I have been there many times.  Only that this time around its different when i ask this question. What else? What next? who and what can i add to my life to create and generate the life i’d truly like to have as my reality.

And interesting people show up.  And then ofcourse i have to choose.  Many of us call this decide.  And the energy of the work decide is so limiting. As in, once i decide i can’t make another choice.  The energy of the word choose, gives me choice to choose something different if what i chose didn’t work or show up the way i would have liked it to.

So what if every choice you make was not a wrongness or a rightness and that you got awareness from every choice. and you always had the freedom to choose something different.

So how does, never give up, never give in, never quit fit and truly works.  When you recognise and acknowledge you always have choice in every area of your life you get to truly be never give up, never give in and never quit!

So what are you choosing limitations or possibility? Are you willing to let go of everything and everyone you made significant thus far.  What if your willingness to let go would actually create more and you didn’t lose anything.

What are you choosing?


Creating separation to build a false sense of bonding

I have been looking at this lately more closely in all areas where i am and others are doing this.  And wow wow wow!!! We are entrained to align and agree or resist and react to create some kind of bonding that always results in temporary friendships.

Pay attention to the conversations you have with anyone.  How much of aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting does one have to do to maintain a conversation to last longer, to maintain a relationship or to get closer to someone.

Little do we realise that we are actually creating separation everytime we do this, and most often than not, we are creating separation with ourselves by taking a fixed point of view and then not being able to change it cause we had that point of view… then we support it with a whole lot of reasons and justification to keep that point of view in place not allowing for any change to occur.

Madness right?  Am in wonder and am asking these questions of me and the universe… To be in good books with me, you don’t have to make someone i am not close to wrong. in so doing you are not only creating a separation with me and the other, also a separation between me and you.  For, if you can do that with the other person towards me then your pretty capable of doing that about me with the other person.

We can all like different people for different aspects and different points in our lives.  If we don’t conclude this is what it is and i am going to hold on to this point of view for dear life then what else would be possible.

Am using this tool from Access Consciousness a lot lately, interesting choice this person is making the choice to bad mouthing this other person to me, whilst i know they are good friends with this person they are talking about and are doing so for me to align and agree or resist and react so they then get to use this as a weapon against me creating separation not realising its doing pretty much the same with me and them.

What’s the value of choosing separation and exclusion versus oneness and inclusion.  In wonder?




Has someone made you wrong for your generosity of spirit!

Lately, i learnt something that has been yet another game changer.  I acknowledged that i have been functioning in life from the ‘Generosity of spirit’ and have also been made wrong by self or others for being that. somewhere it was mis-identified as being weak, stupid, gullible, a push over and a few other name callings.

As i loaned a sizeable amount to an acquaintance from the space of trust and generosity as this person was in dire need for that money.  It didn’t cross my mind that i was loaning her the amount from the amount i loaned from the bank for which i was paying interest.  For me it was sitting in my bank till the next payment and you seem to need this desperately so here it is.  Was i functioning from anti-consciousness yes!!! Did my generosity of spirt super-cede my desire to make choices from a conscious space yes!

Assuming that the other person was functioning from the space i was functioning from was a cute and not so bright choice which got me an awareness at a price.  Whilst am extremely grateful for this awareness, it has made me much stronger and my willingness to acknowledge that i made that choice to get to where i am today and that i can outcreate the situation is freeing.

Today i get, we are all indeed unique, no one can be like you or you like another.  Don’t expect others to function the way you do, cause you only set yourself up for disappointment.  You doubt yourself for who you be!!! You make you wrong for who you be!!! If only i had asked the question before making that choice. If i choose to loan her the money will this decay my future or create my future a different reality would have showed up.  Am choosing to not make me wrong and not buying into other people’s judgments of this choice and go to conclusion.

Instead, i am choosing to be in the Question, what would it take for all of this to change for greater.  Consciousness show me what other choices to i have available now that i haven’t considered yet.

Expectations set you up for failure… What are you choosing today?


If you love someone set them free

Also featured as a chapter in my book to be published soon ‘I love you and so!!!’ my point of view to start with is ‘if you love you set yourself free.  How often are we caught up in appeasing others and yet we never get to make anyone happy. One has to choose to be happy.  One has to choose joy over trauma and drama.  We can only add to others joy we can’t force joy upon anyone.  And truly, we can’t be the reason for someone to be joyful.  If we think that or project that we are setting ourselves and others up for disappointment.

Here is an invitation to start loving you, caring for you and your body, nurturing you and your body.  For if your willing to be that for you amazing people who would like to add to that will show up in your life.

From the moment i started honoring me, having gratitude for me, being in allowance of my choices of the past, trusting me and being vulnerable.  I opened more doors for the possibility of gifting and receiving with no expectations.

Whoever or whatever your holding on to right now, if you were willing to let it all go.. what would that be like for you.  More ease, less fear and more joy???



Interesting point of view

One of my favorite simple go to tools from the 10 keys to Total Freedom is ‘Interesting point of view’ So what does this mean. If you are willing to consider the possibility that every thought, feeling and emotion is just an interesting point of view, you get to have total choice and function from a space of awareness and possibilities rather than limitations. When your being “Interesting point of view” judgment does not exist.

We are all seeking for that ease, peace, joy and a sense of possibility in our lives. We engage it several activities to have that as our reality. What if you had a simple tool you could use in every moment of your life.

A point of view is a position from which something is observed; it’s a particular way of looking at something. A point of view is different from awareness. What is awareness, you might ask? Awareness is seeing what you can see and not having a point of view about it. Everything just IS. Everything is just an interesting point of view. It is neither alignment and agreement, nor resistance and reaction. When you function from interesting point of view, you always get to be you. Everything is just an interesting point of view. It is neither wrong nor right nor good nor bad. Interesting point of view takes away all the power that anything pretending to be evil or that thinks it is evil have power over you. You don’t get to have any fixed points of view when you are being interesting point of view about everything. You then become willing and able to change any situation for greater.

We You get to be in ‘allowance’ of everything and keep choosing greater from awareness rather than your thoughts, feelings and emotions that limit us. You don’t get to have fixed points of view or function from conclusions and answers. The Universe desires to gift us everything we ask for. Are we willing to receive everything with no point of view. If we didn’t conclude that we have to choose this ,we have to be this, we have to align and agree or resist and react to protect ourselves would be then be limiting what we can receive. What if the Universe desired to gift you far more than what your willing to receive. Is that a possibility, yes if your being “interesting point of view” about everything you get to have total choice, you get to receive far greater you think is possible.

Last week a dear friend of mine gave in to alcohol after being sober for a few good years. Being a friend and more than willing to assist her with the situation, I found myself taking a fixed point of view of what needs to be done from a space of ‘I care for you’ and therefore. The more I was choosing to have a fixed point of view about it, I found that my friend resisted it all the more not allowing a space to change it. I used the tool ‘interesting point of view’ I have this point of view for every thought, feeling and emotion I had about her and the situation and also did “IPOV” for the reasons and justifications she was functioning from to prove why or how she chose alcohol as a last resort and how she couldn’t change the situation.

I chose allowance instead while being there for her when she needed me. Interesting choice she is making at the moment, What else is possible here? When I got over the need to align and agree or resist and react a new space opened up for her to make a different choice. I gave her this tool to use, everything she had a thought or feeling or emotion that told her ‘it’s ok to have that one last drink’ This created a change for her, this opened different doors of possibility for her to choose. To recognize you have the power to choose can be extremely liberating. And her commitment to choose to be sober this time around was different. She is not choosing to be sober for someone else this time around, she was choosing it for her. Different reality showed up.

When you being ‘interesting point of view’ about everything, you are empowered with the tool of ‘CHOICE’. If you would like to play with the molecules of the Universe from a space of curiosity and adventure of life and living… I invite you to use this tool for every thought feeling and emotion for 6 months and you will set yourself free. To start with what if you practiced for an hour everyday.

So when you wake up in the morning and you see yourself in the mirror and find yourself judging your body about anything, for instance, am fat, am getting wrinkles whatever that is your judging your body about, just say Interesting point of view, I have this point of view. Your having coffee with a friend and they pass a comment like, you should stop eating so much chocolate or you should stop seeing this person, or this friend said this about you to me, just say in your mind interesting point of view she has this point of view.   You will find yourself functioning beyond the polarity of right and wrong, good and bad and will choose from what truly works for you and what will create more for you. In that, you will have gratitude and allowance for everything and everyone.

If you do this for every thought, feeling and emotion and point of view you have for 6 months, you will never had a problem again for the rest of your life.




What is the value of judging you?

Are you done judging you, your body, your choices.  What else would it possible for the now and the future if you gave us the decease of judgment.  We often make ourselves wrong for judging others.

Here is an invitation for you to look at all the places when you judge you.

Try this for an hour.  Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions where you judge you. Change starts from you.  So lets look at us first, before we move on to others.

Are you playing with me? just 24 hours ok that’s a big ask, 1 hour of no judgment.

Let’s play!